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So Long, Willy (Let's Go Home)

Created and Performed by Chris DeVita, Kate D'Arcus Attwell, and Adam Rigg
Sets by Adam Rigg
Costumes by Enver Chakartash
Lights by Masha Tsimring
Sound by Chad Raines
Video by Nicholas Hussong
Dramaturgy by Emily Reilly and Megan Wright

So Long, Willy (Let’s Go Home) delves into the experience of discovering one’s own otherness alone and at a young age. This work opens up an unexpectedly familiar world of sterilized love, physical difference and material sameness aided by 90’s animated classics and animal adventure romps (including that movie where Michael Jackson frees a whale with the power of music). I AM A BOYS CHOIR remembers growing up and feeling like the only one, while glimpsing into a future in which intimacy is increasingly evasive.